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playlist 05.10.16 – neuvorstellungen

balm&creak gestern Abend verpasst? Dann jetzt noch mal reinhören! Mareike und Verena habe ganz viele Neuvorstellungen für euch! Warpaint, Tele Novella, Wilco, Dan Deacon, Dolly Parton und noch mehr!   01: warpaint – new song [heads up|2016] 02: warpaint – whiteout 03: warpaint – dre 04: tele novella – sacramento [house of souls|2016] 05: tele…

Interview with Dan Deacon

As I head towards the venue where Dan Deacon will be performing later tonight, a cavernous gay club in the heart of Berlin’s trendy Neukölln, the moon hangs noticeably in the sky. Actually the reason it’s noticeable is that it’s only a perfect sliver of the moon almost a complete circle. Seeing this somehow makes me less nervous.