playlist 14.06.2017

01: screaming females – i don’t mind it [castle talk|2010]
02: the smiths – a rush and a push [strangeways, here we come|1987]
03: sondre lerche – always watching you [pleasure|2017]
04: eugene mcguinness – sugarplum [the invitation to the voyage|2012]
05: sia – little black sandals [some people have real problems|2007]
06: angel haze – dirty gold [dirty gold|2015]
07: egil olsen – good talk [ooh what happenend]2015]
08: nina simone – ain’t got no [nuff said|1968]
09: the elected – beautiful rainbow [sun sun sun|2006]
10: david & the citizens – as you fall [until the sadness is gone|2006]
11: salt’n pepa – let’s talk about sex [salt’n pepa|1991]
12: architecture in helsinki – heart it races [places like this|2007]
13: imperial teen – hanging about [feel the sound|2012]
14: nicki minaj – bed of lies [the pink print (deluxe)|2014]
15: jay brannan – uncle auntie-socialite [always, then and now|2014]

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