Playlist 14.03.2012

01: the magnetic fields – andrew in drag [love at the bottom of the sea|2012|domino records]
02: my little pony – fragments of an island [making marks|2012|spoon train]
03: bedroom eyes – blueprint for departure [the long wait champion|2010|a west side]
04: david & the citizens – as you fall (i watch with love) [until the sadness is gone|2006|molotow records]
05: bright eyes – emily, sing something sweet for me [a collection of songs 1995-1997|2004|saddle creek]
06: daniel johnston – true love will find you in the end [welcome to my world|2009|feraltone]
07: bright eyes – devil town [the late great daniel johnston|2004|gammon records]
08: elliot smith – the biggest lie [elliott smith|2010|domino records]
09: men – credit car babies [talk about body|2011|iamsound]
10: le tigre – seconds [this island|2004|universal]
11: zola jesus – lightsick [stridulum II|2010|souterrain transmissions]
12: the knife – heartbeats [deep cuts|2006|v2]
13: chairlift – amanaemonesia [something|2012|smi col]
14: music go music – reach out [expressions|2009|secretly canadian]
15: puppetmastaz – puppet break up [the break up|2010|discograph]

Magnetic Fields, ‚Andrew In Drag‘ from Christie Brown on Vimeo.

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